✎ Anonymous: Your writing style is like a sunset. It's beautiful to interpret and watch, but once it's gone you grow sad. Then, it comes back, and you're happy.

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apaisleygirl: Your writing style is flawless.

timeywimeyten: //Your writing style is lyric and airy, poetic; while it is also precise. It's easy for me to imagine Romana's voice in her dialog, as her conversations all sound very natural. (In other words--Lovely!)

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starcrossedpsychopath: perfection. that is the description.

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Describe my writing style to me.

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Romana: Newton? Who's Newton?
Doctor: Old Issac? Friend of mine on Earth. Discovered gravity. Well, I say he discovered gravity. I had to give him a bit of a prod.
Romana: What did you do?
Doctor: Climbed up a tree.
Romana: And...?
Doctor: Dropped an apple on his head.
Romana: Ahh. And so he discovered gravity.
Doctor: No, he told me to clear off out of his tree. I explained it to him afterwards at dinner.

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Melody scrambles for freedom when Romana  moves
to help her. It isn’t the Time Lady’s fault —- the girl  is
scared of most, or rather all people. She looks  up to
her and then to the sandwich, which now lies on   the
floor. She’s frozen in her place, not daring to retrieve
it. She knows she isn’t in trouble, she  can  tell    that 
much from the way that Romana smiles, but    she  is
still afraid. Then Romana  is  speaking  and   Melody 
is backing up a little more, head  shaking  and  curls

She finally manages to breathe properly, little arms
wrapping around herself to keep warm.  

Romana’s smile presses into a small frown,
her brow creasing; the girl was terrified. The Time
Lady held up her hands, showing that she was
anything but a threat. “You can have the sandwich
if you wish. Honestly. In fact, if you come with me
you can have more than just the sandwich: some
tea, perhaps? An entire sandwich?” She steps a 
little closer, “a nice warm bed?” 

"The offer expires in the next few minutes." It
really doesn’t; the girl is welcome to come
with her whenever she is ready, or not at all - 
it’s completely up to her.

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"Then why don’t you just come out with it now, eh?" he asked, coming off as very exasperated and defensive. This was prodding a very old wound, but one that still stung. "Might as well get it over with if you won’t leave it be."


"Do not speak to me in this manner.” Romana bristles angrily, her fingers twitching by her side as if they ache to slap; but she exercises restraint. “You wished for the subject to be dropped? I dropped it. I was merely reminding you that it will not be forgotten. I sense that no matter when I bring it up… this,” she gestures to him, “will always be the reaction.”  


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